Parachute Practice

the practice

Your issue is important! It is specific to you.
Parachute is a private service offering a personalised psychological therapy that allows you the privacy and time to address your concerns. 
Whether in practice, over the phone or online, our therapist uses evidence-based strategies to work with you to improve your wellbeing.

The Therapy

The therapeutic process is personalised to meet your needs. The course of therapy considers the following: your present symptoms,  your background; past experiences/relationships; as well as any beliefs that are important to you. Your therapy sessions will be either face to face, over the phone or online (via zoom). Each session is one to one and up to 1 hour.. Our therapist is supervised regularly to ensure safe practice.

The Aim

- Discuss Your Mental Health with a therapist that understands your unique situation and your unique perspective

- Provide a Comfortable and Confidential space to share your concerns

- Connect you with other services ensuring that you have a more Complete Therapy

Lut Al-Pneeli

Lut Al-Pneeli

The Therapist

Lut Al-Pneeli is experienced working with mild to moderate psychological issues. These include: anxiety, depression, grief, as well as cultural related issues. Lut offers a warm and welcoming approach to the therapy. Therapy that is honest, non-judgemental and private.

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“Start with therapy and let’s discuss what’s going on for you”  – Lut Al-Pneeli